A daytrip at Lagaleden

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If you are looking for the perfect daytrip, we highly recommend canoeing between Nöttja and Sjöboda service area, on the canoe trail Lagaleden. The trip take about 6 hours, including an hour of BBQ break.


The nature in the municipality of Ljungby is diverse and beautiful. When canoeing on Lagaleden you'll get to experience everything from bushy wilderness to fields of crops. There are many nature reserves and sanctioned wildlife places, which mean that the nature is wild and untouched. Bolmån is a creek that run through the countryside of Småland, from lake Bolmen to below lake Exen - where it collides with creek Lagan.

At creek Bolmån and Lagan you'll see farmers plowing the land, wild animals drinking from the water and the sometimes noisy (but beautiful) birdlife.

Start in the small village of Nöttja, where the creek Bolmån run through. Here is a suitable place for you to rent or set sail with your own canoe.

After about an hour and half from Nöttja Bolmån run out in the lake of Exen, a shallow lake with a rich birdlife. The lake is sanctioned, which mean that you should not disturb the birds by approaching them or the small islands they flock around.

Going straight through the lake, aiming northeast, you'll pass a camping site: Osen. At campsite Osen you'll find a toilet, wood and a fireplace. If you want to spend the night or perhaps use the fireplace with the wood you need to buy a canoe check at the tourist office in forehand. You could also choose to bring your own set of barbeque (a so called "engångsgrill" which can be purchased at gasoline stations or supermarkets). Then a canoe check would not be necessary. If you choose to spend the night, don't forget to leave the canoe check in the specially designated post box at the service area.

When leaving Osen, canoe toward the exit of the lake. This is where the Bolmån continues. After about 30 minutes canoeing, the creek Bolmån and creek Lagan joins and the flood is much stronger and faster. If you want to exit in Sjöboda service area, this is when you should call your transport to come and pick you up. After this joint creeks, you'll have another 40-50 minutes of canoeing ahead of you.

However, the trail continues all the way to Mellbystrand to the ocean if you want to continue canoeing for a few days. If you only want to continue for another hour or so, Traryd is also a suitable location to end your journey.

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