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Janssons Blomsterhandel AB

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Shopping Flower-shop.


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Shopping Danish Retail Chain for Household Items


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Shopping Shop with clothes for men, women and children.


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Design, arts and crafts Pottery with an open garage and shop. Follow and watch the craftsmen working busily in their studios. You will find many nice works of art good gifts, for yourself or anybody...

Laganland Swedenshop Handicrafts & Souvenirs

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Design, arts and crafts Here in Swedens largest elk shop, you'll find virtually every product related to the king of the forest.


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Shopping Toy shop with traditional toys, computergames and dvds.


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Shopping Shop with clothes for women and children.

Ljungby Fishing

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Shopping Ljungby Fishing is a fully-equipped fishing store with a wide variety of appliances for beginners as well as experts in the sport. This shop also sells fishing such small fishin...

M & M Living Home

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Shopping, Design, arts and crafts Creative interior for home and business! Annie Sloan Chalkpaint-reseller.

Nystrand´s Clock,-Optics & Jeweller´s shop

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Shopping Optician´s- and jeweller´s shop which also sells and repairs watches.


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Design, arts and crafts Shop with selling of glass, china and other gifts.

Resia Ljungby

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Shopping Charter, flight, hotel, train or boat – You will find everything in our Travel Agency. We arrange Your travel wherever You want to go!

Sällebergs Gård - Farmshop

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Farm shops Welcome to our shop! At Sälleberg Farm you will find lamb, seasonings, recipes, sheppskins, rugs, yarns, wool, livestocks, sheep shearing displays and much more. Open when its s...

Skinnarnás Blommor och Trädgård

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Shopping You can find everything for a succesful garden. Indoor and outdoor flowers, garden planing, decoration and outdoor furnitures.

Slussen - Second Hand

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Antiques and flea markets, Shopping Second hand store in Lagan.

Solabergs Spa

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Activities, Spa, Design, arts and crafts Solaberg Spa's unique location allows you to experience the countryside of Småland during your treatments.

Spångens recycling

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Antiques and flea markets Recycling with antique, old and allmost new. It is an big department with glass and handcraft. Old tools, Make big bargain in the Toy department. The store also give you gift ti...

Sunnerborg Farm shop

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Shopping, Farm shops, Lokal food in Sunnerbo The farm shop in Sunneborg offers wild game meat and a minor range of honey, spices, cheescake, etc. Potatoes are grown at the farm and can be purchased during the right season.


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Shopping Optician´s.

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19 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019
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Design, arts and crafts, Farm shops, Shopping [...] Shop with things both for your home and your garden, both untouched and well-thumbed.

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