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AM Antikt i Lagan

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Antiques and flea markets Antiques and collectibles in Lagan

Angelstad Church

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Churches Angelstad has a middle age church from the 12th - 13th century. The belfry is one of the most beautiful within the Diocese of Växjö. The church has many fine inventories, includ...

Angelstad Hembygdsmuseum

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History & culture, Heritage museums Crafts museum. Opening hours and guidedtours, Contact: 0372-211 55

Annas Kuriosa

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Antiques and flea markets, Shopping In Bäckaryd along the "Riksettan" (old E4), 9 km in the south of Ljungby. Here you can find furniture, glass, china, lamps, linen, peasantry, renovated stoves and iron stoves. A...


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Churches The Annelund's church was build in 1970-71 as a funerary chapell, designed by the provinces architect Hans Lindén, Växjö and its form recall Noah's Ark. Due the Ljungby artist S...

Annerstad Church

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Churches The church was build on a hill 1824. West to the church lies the middle age stone church which is marked through its cementing. There is for instance a baptismal font and a 14th...

Berga church

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Churches Built of stone in 1820, The organ of the church is build by a man, Elfström, who came from Ljungby.

Bolmsö Church

Area: Ljungby

Churches This church was built in 1863. The pulpit is kept from an older church built in 1641.

Bolmsö Hembygdspark

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Attractions, History & culture Beautiful park with older cottages from all over Bolmsö. Cottage, barn, linen-drying hut, rectory. Fantastic location near lake Bolmen - bring along a picnic basket!

Bräkentorp - Rone stone

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Attractions, Ancient remains The unre stone was originally placed two kilometres farther south, at a crossroads along the road between Tutaryd and Södra Ljunga. Both the inscription itself and the spirallin...

Cliff Burton's memorial stone

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History & culture On september 27th 1986 Metallica bassplayer Cliff Burton passed away at the age of 24 on the old E4 north of Ljungby. Dedicated to him by his Swedish fans, the memorial stone is...

Dörarps Church

Area: Ljungby

Churches The church in Dörarp was built of stone in the 13 th century. One of the churchbells have an russian inscription and was made in 1527.

Elinge Elk Park

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Activities, Other, Attractions [...] An Elk Park, where you find the chance to meet the legendary Swedish elks and its relatives. Feel free to take a stroll around the park, mingle with the elks either by quietly o...

Excursion to the Kingdom of stones

Area: Ljungby

Attractions There are many magnificent monuments in Ljungby showing the farmer´s hard work clearing the stony ground to get more areable land. Visit the village of Hörda with its fantastic ...

Färjansö-Långö nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature The rerseve includes a few islands the lake Vidöstern along with the surrounding waters. Within the reserve there is great variation and very beautiful nature. The environment i...

Flattinge ridges nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature The nature reserve is a headland in the lake Flåren to the northeast of Ljungby. The headland is about 28 hectars and consists partly of a green stone mountain and partly of a c...

Fleamarket in Grytåsa

25 Aug 2019 - 8 Sep 2019
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Shopping, Antiques and flea markets Welcome to Grytåsa loppis.

Flymossen nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature The nature reserve Flymossen is located in a flat landscape where rains relatively often. Because of this there are a bunch of mires other than Flymossen surrounding it. Flymoss...

Gölsjömyren nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature Gölsjömyren is located in a patch of wetlands that stretch from the lake Flåren in the north to the mire Vissle in the south, which is about 35 kilometers.

Hallsjö (Old Plantation)

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains Old plantation landscape with Bronze and Iron, Age remains. Remarkable medieval church ruins. Area national interest.

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