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Rörbro - rune stone

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains On a land survey map from the year 1697, the rune stone is marked at a bridge over the river Rörån. The map tells us that a king Jöns is buried beneath the stone. Even after one...

Rune stone - Toftaholm

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains Older grave field beautifully situated at Lake Vidöstern. The name of the person that put the stone in memory of his brother has been eroded. The male name Fare could be a abbre...

Rune stone - Trotteslöv

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains The stone was previosly a part of the bridge that led across the small river that runs 25 meters north of this site. According to tradition, the stone caused the bridge to fail ...

Ryssby Church

Area: Ljungby  Map

Churches The church was built in 1840. The most interesting thing in the church are the paintings in the ceiling made by Waldemar Lorentzon from Halmstad.

Skilsnäs nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature Skilsnäs is a peninsula in Lake Flåren which is cut off from land during periods of high water levels. The reserve holds beech and mixed deciduous woodland, providing habitat fo...

Södra Ljunga church

Area: Ljungby

Churches The church was built in 1791, the church has an unique altarpainting and a rune stone.

Stenhusholmen - Ruined Castle

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains Midieval village that became a large farm in the 15th centuray. First menotioned 1477 and is very beutiful locted by the lake Vidöstern and in a Nature reserve.

Sundranäs nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, History & culture, National parks & nature

Svartebro nature reserve

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, National parks & nature Svarebro comprises a stretch of the River Murån, adjacent wetlands and some 6 hectares of coniferous forest. The forest is around 200 years old, making it one of the oldest in t...

Tannåker Church

Area: Ljungby  Map

Churches Built in 1793 by the carpenter Nils Widman.

The Ling Museum

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Museums Per Henrik Ling was born in Södra Ljunga, and is considered the father of swedish gymnastics. The Ling Museum used to be a vicarage and was erected in 1768. It was also the birt...

The meadow barn of Elmtåsa

Area: Ljungby

History & culture The meadow barn of Elmtåsa is a piece of Agunnaryds´s cultural history. such barns were built after the water level of the local lakes had been atrificially lowered in the mid 1...

The Museum of Legends

16 Jun 2020 - 30 Aug 2020
Area: Ljungby  Map
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Activities, Other, Museums Exciting Tales and legends about gnomes and trolls, the necken and the forestspirit, hags and ghosts. The Museum of Legends is an exciting and amusing museum for children as wel...

The old Square (Ljungby Gamla Torg)

Area: Ljungby  Map

History & culture Ever since the 17th century the Old Square has been a lively meeting and shopping place. The Old Square that we see today gives us an idea of how Ljungby was in the 19th century.

The Replösa stone

Area: Ljungby  Map

Attractions, Ancient remains, History & culture The Replösa stone is a particular treasure amongst Swedich rune stones. It stands adjacent to a large beautiful grave field. A minor part of old Småland known as Finnveden, whic...

The Swedish Church in Agunnaryd

Area: Ljungby  Map

Churches Agunnaryd have three church places. The olderst is Brånanäs by the Agunnarydslake, where it just to be farmchurch. The present church builded 1872-1874

Tjurkö kvarn

Area: Ljungby

History & culture Mill. situated near the beautiful, duble-arched bridge over lilla Helge river. Renovated and still in use.

Torpa Buss- & Teknikmuseum

Area: Ljungby  Map

Museums, Exhibitions Bus museum. Buses, taxis, mopeds and motorbikes. Bus trips can be arranged.

Torpa church

Area: Ljungby  Map

Churches The church was built 1864-1865. A middle age crucifix with paintings of Maria and the child, S:t Michael and S:ta Anna are from the middle ages.

Tutaryds church

Area: Ljungby

Churches A unique little wood -shingled 17th century church, situated on an ancient pagan place of worship, where the district´s first Christians gathered.

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