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Hembergs lanthandel

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Heritage museums, History & culture Rural Centre, Hemberg´s village museum.

Högarör - Bronze-Age cairn

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Ancient remains, History & culture Bronze-Age cairn. According to legend,it contained a massive gold treasure guarded over by a frightful dragon.


Area: Ljungby

History & culture A village of national interest whose appearance has remained unchanged for serveral centuries. All the buildings line the main street. The area includes a rebuilt cattle path. D...

Horsnäsamossen nature reserve

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Attractions, National parks & nature

Ivla - Rune stone

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Attractions, Ancient remains The rune stone stands on a large beautiful Iron Age grave field. Rune stones often stood next to roads and, not uncomonly, near a grave field as well. Sometimes an inscription, ...

Jättaberget nature reserve

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Attractions, National parks & nature Jättaberget nature reserve is a largely rocky outcrop on the western bank of Lake Unnen. The flora and fauna is richest in the southern part, where the dominant tree species is ...

Kånna church

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Churches One of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Småland, built in 1170. Many things inside the churce is from the middle Ages.

Kånna Hembygdsgården

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Heritage museums, History & culture Rural Centre on the site of the old church. Opening hours and guidedtours, Contact: 0372-170 27

Kånna Högar (anciant remains)

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Attractions, Ancient remains, History & culture Kånna Högar consist of more than 250 remains, most of which are round burial mounds. Also megaliths and stone pavings.

Lagan Hembygdsmuseum

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Heritage museums Crafts museum, at the rural centre. Opening hours and guidedtours, Contact: 0372-304 65.

Laganland Elkpark

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Activities, Other, Theme parks Meet the king of the Forest! The Elk park is home of Oscar the Bull Elk and Ulrika the Elk cow. They the other elks in the park are happy to let you take pictures of them and fe...

Land of Legends

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History & culture Welcome to a magic journey to exciting destinations for the whole family. The journey will lead you to places where troll montains and rocks once plunged by giants still lies qu...

Lidhults church

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Churches The Lidhult church was raised in 1877-78 and lies beautiful on a hill in the eastern part of the village. Its wooden predecessor was build in 1721 and selled during the 1940s. N...

Lidhultsåsen nature reserve

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Attractions, National parks & nature Lidhultsåsen Ridge is an esker whose central part consists of an isthmus between two lakes.

Ljungberg Museum

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Galleries and art, Museums, Exhibitions The Kronoberg County Fine Arts Museum The Ljungberg Museum mainly features a large part of Sven Ljungberg and Ann Margret Dahlqvist-Ljungberg's drawings, paintings, graphics an...

Ljungby Church - currently closed for renovation

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Churches The Ljungby church has its strategic location in the northern end of Storgatan since 1857-59 when it was built and for replacing the old stoned middle age church close to the ol...

Ljungby museum

25 Jul 2019 - 7 Sep 2019
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Museums, Attractions, Exhibitions Unique collection of hangings plus a special section dedicated to Christina Nilsson.

Luberydsmossen nature reserve

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Attractions, National parks & nature Luberydsmossen consists of three peat bogs and surrounding forest. Fed by a network of streams, the swampy areas are relatively untouched by human drainage activities. Beside th...

Målaskog, Strands jordkula

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History & culture Strands Hut, a building from the 19th century wich is proof of how people lived back then. Opening hours and guidedtours, Contact: 0372-420 24, 0470-70 79 75.


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National parks & nature Målaskogsberg is known as one of Sunnerbo´s best places for wild flowers. The reserve compromises a wooded hill borded by cultural landscape and peat bogs. The broadleaf woodlan...

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