Nature reserve Byvärma

Address: Mockeln, 341 77 Agunnaryd Show map

Address: Mockeln, 341 77 Agunnaryd

The farm Byvärma is an old manor with ancestry from the middle of the 14th century.

Byvärma is a scientific reserve created to protect very rare or endangered species of insects.
The reserve consists of pastures, deciduous forests, mixed forests, marshes and islands. Next to the road there are to very old and rough oaks. In the deciduous forest there are many dead trees in different stages of decomposing.
One of the very rare beetles found in the Byvärma-reserve is Xylophilus corticalis. It counts as one of the ancient relics of the primeval forest in Europe and has one of its few concentrated populations in Sweden by the lake Möckeln. Here it seems to have evolved in rough birchtrees that have been dead for many years.

Other than the rules in the Right to Public Access you're not allowed to do any of the following in the reserve.
Camp in a tent
Set up a caravan or anchor a houseboat
Set up a bonfire
Ride on a horse
Bring an unleashed dog
Collect insects or other small animals
Hurt the vegetation or pick flowers
Full restrictions are written on signs at the reserve.

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