Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

Address: 340 13 Hamneda Show map

Address: 340 13 Hamneda

Håa Retreat Center, founded in 1972, has become internationally recognised for its in-depth and comprehensive teaching in yoga and meditation. Students mostly come from Europe and Scandinavia, although some travel from Asia, Australia and the Americas, to participate in the unique training programmes.

The courses are designed for both beginners to yoga and meditation as well as advanced students who have practised for many years. We teach in English. Our teaching is first of all set up in a practical way. You come because you want to gain experience and results. Your full participation in the course process ensures this. Relevant theory is included in lectures and individual advice is also given when necessary, so that you can enjoy the benefits fully. However, you don’t spend all your time in the meditation hall. The surrounding countryside contributes to making your stay at Haa rich and varied. You can stroll in the forest, observe the wildlife, canoe or swim in the lake and ride our horses. The wood-fuelled Finnish sauna is prepared for you once a week and you have the opportunity to float in the pyramid formed “Samadhi tank” to enhance the relaxation process.

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